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Negative reviews

3 Ways to address Negative Reviews on Social Media

When people leave negative reviews on your social media page, your potential customers can see them and it may discourage them from buying your products or services. Although you can’t stop someone from posting something negative about your business but you can address negative reviews quickly and in the right way to take back control of your brand reputation

Follow these strategies:

Respond Fast

People who leave negative reviews are typically very upset and in the heat of the moment, and they want just as quick of a reply back. The longer you let a negative review sit there and go ignored, the worse it will be for your brand reputation. As a business owner, do not leave customer service to your staff only. You need to be ready to jump on it as it comes and address it. Once the issue is resolved, delete it. Trust me, you don’t want other potential clients to see it.

Take the Conversation Offline

Still building on the first tip, depending on the situation, it might be better to take the conversation offline at some point. First, you do not want other potential clients to see people have issues with your business. It’s a huge turn off. To do this, make sure that you’re being proactive — don’t wait for the customer to reach out to you, call them.

Show Off Your Positive Reviews

You should post your positive reviews to encourage other potential buyers. Especially if you have just been hit with a negative review, and you want to boost your brand image, this is a perfect time to show off how you’ve made other customers happy. This will encourage them to patronize you. You should have as many positive reviews on Google my business. It works like magic. 

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