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Go Viral on Social Media

Going Viral on Social Media is no easy task. You can create the best content and still struggle to get likes and shares. Whether it’s on YouTube, Ticktok, Twitter or Instagram, one thing is certain – you won’t get any engagement unless your content evokes an emotion of some kind. Now you have to be careful as to which emotion you choose to evoke (anger, sadness, disgust, fear, happiness) but this is the only way to make your content go viral. It’s no easy task but here are 3 different ways to make your content go viral

Surprising content 

Surprise is a brief emotional state, either positive or negative, following something unexpected. If you are active on social media, there is a high chance you have shared other people’s content (photos or videos) with family or friends. If you think back, you’ll remember there is an element of surprise in the content you shared. In addition, this content either made you laugh, cry, angry. You need to be surprising, creative and relevant if you want your content to be shared. Usually, this takes either luck, or many attempts to get it right, so practice and stay consistent until you get it right. 


Communities or participation

Your content needs to appeal to a group of people who are interested in discussing it, sharing it, commenting or remixing it. Usually, this group of people have something in common already, and often you’ll find that the brands or influencers that gets their content to spread understand the communities they’re creating for. 

Taste Makers

Your content needs to reach and connect with the most influential people. The brands that breakthrough often have a good idea of who these people are and will do their best to ensure that their content gets seen and shared by them. 

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