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Customer Experience

According to Jeff Bezos, one of the reasons Amazon is successful is because they are obsessed with customer experience. Being obsessed with customer experience means you have to “win” in that department – be there for them, solve their problem, create personalized and humanized experience online that is easy and engaging. To achieve these, here are to “win” customer experience. 


If your consumers are not in your store to meet with your customer service agents who’d give one on one shopping advice, then you’ve got to create that experience online. Use technology to your own advantage – get to know them by gathering relevant data, then use that information to create personalized experience for them. For example, you can check their activity on your website, how often they visit, what they buy etc. 

Meet up with expectations

As customers shop on different online platforms, they are confident about what to expect from the moment they land on your website. According to a survey by google, 78% of prosumers and 59% of mainstream consumers want to easily connect with a human, whether that’s through chat or video interaction, even when there’s no physical store. It makes them feel safe. 

In addition, bear in mind your target audience are most likely busy people who do not want to spend a lot of time to find what they want so make it easy with personalized experience and suggestions. This brings us to our last tip: 

Rethink “time spent” metrics

In a one click world, our behaviors are changing. Social media and technology in general have made people impatient. If people have to spend a lot of time in your website before they get what they want, you can be sure they won’t come back. 

According to google, 92% of prosumers and 78% of mainstream consumers, your site or app must, above all, be fast and easy to navigate. So make sure your site loads fast, easy to navigate and easy to checkout. A strategic plan must be put in place to ensure visitors have a smooth customer experience when they visit your website (or store). 

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