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20 Marketing terms you Must know

Marketing is filled with so many acronyms that can leave you confused. Having a thorough understanding of these terms means you are staying on top of the latest growth trends and you can quickly break them down to the rest of your teams. Now let’s get to it… A/B Testing This is the process of […]

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3 ways to win customer experience online

According to Jeff Bezos, one of the reasons Amazon is successful is because they are obsessed with customer experience. Being obsessed with customer experience means you have to “win” in that department – be there for them, solve their problem, create personalized and humanized experience online that is easy and engaging. To achieve these, here […]

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Top 3 Digital marketing trends in 2021

There are different Digital Marketing Trends we have noticed in 2021. The pandemic has proven to us that we cannot do business as usual. As consumers spend more time at home, being able to reach consumers at home has become one of the most important objectives for marketers. People now depend heavily on internet and […]

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5 Ways to build an online audience

Most people and businesses now realize the importance of building an online audience but the question is “how do we get started?” In this article, I’ll dive into how build an online audience and get them engaged.  Before I start, it is important to state that online audience is NOT limited to social media platforms. […]

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Social Media Agency Near me

Social Media agencies cannot be ignored anymore. This is because Social media platforms keeps evolving, making it one of the best platforms for brands to connect with their audiences and gain brand visibility. Social Media is a very noisy place. Consumers are not there to see your adverts, in fact, they’d scroll past at the […]

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