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How to write a Digital Marketing Plan

How to write a Digital Marketing Plan Roy H. Williams ones said – “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”   So where do you start? You should know that a marketing plan has different strategies such as: Paid advertising Public relations Digital marketing Word of mouth Influencer marketing […]

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Digital marketing: Step by step guide

Digital marketing: Step by step guide Digital marketing guide. Are you confused about where to start digital marketing? This article will guide you.   Let’s start with the definition of Digital Marketing and how it started.   Digital marketing has been around for much longer than we think.   Below is a picture of the […]

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Understanding your Customer Journey

Have you made a purchase recently? What did you buy? Bluetooth speaker, ebook, or a pair of shoe? There is a high chance you searched for ideas or recommendations, compared prices on the internet before you made a buying decision. Well, you are not alone. Today, purchasing decisions are made online. It is therefore necessary […]

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New Trends in Digital Marketing

The World, they say, is ever changing and new trends will never go out of fashion even though they come and go. Trend is one thing that has given businesses, both big and small, the opportunity to connect better with their audience. For every industry there are trends. Now that everything and everyone is going […]

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