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Win Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges companies face is “How to ‘win’ customer loyalty”. The word ‘win’ connotes there is some type of competition at play, and there is. The battle for a piece of real estate in the customers preferred list. Businesses need customers to succeed, so winning customers is a critical. There are several strategies to achieve this, but at the root of success for any lasting business is “win Customer Loyalty”. 

Customer Loyalty can transform into passionate advocacy; and when that happens, a “super fan” is born. 

Bearing the importance of this in mind, the obvious question for brands should be: How do you create superfans?

To answer this, let’s learn from a few brands that have passionate super fans, by looking more closely at the primary element driving that passion. Look out for these elements so you can take the first step toward cultivating your own group of super fans.


The passion: Innovative Products

The brand promise: Think differently

To win customer loyalty, you have to start by making them a promise. Once you make that promise, everything you do should contribute to fulfilling that promise. From your advert, to your product or customer experience, do not let them down and they will stay with you. Apple promised to create products based on seeing the world differently and today, apple products have changed how we see and interact with the world. 


The passion: Athletes

The brand promise: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”.

If you ever wonder why Nike has many loyal fans, its because they keep to their brand promise. Search online for Nike ads. You’ll see a targeted focus across their ad platforms designed to inspire their customers to do more. They have been able to Win Customer Loyalty. In fact, Nike is not just a brand, it is a movement.


The passion: Products and services

The brand promise: “To deliver the broadest selection of products and services at the lowest prices with minimal hassle.”

There are two major reasons people shop on Amazon. First, you can find almost anything you want. Second, you can get them relatively easy. Can you see how these are tied into their brand promise?  The secret to winning customer loyalty is to make a promise (that relates to your products or services), and solve a problem. If you’re consistent, with time, good products or services, and customer satisfaction, you’ll “win” an army of loyal customers; and who knows, we might be citing your brand in future case studies.

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