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Marketing Trends

This year, there are certain marketing trends we should expect to see. The impact of Covid and everything it included continues to loom big – a worldwide health catastrophe, crippled supply networks, and entire sectors in distress. Covid has remained a catalyst for tendencies that would have taken longer to unfold in the absence of Covid. 

Meanwhile, supply chain interruptions continue to wreak economic devastation, forcing many firms to contemplate fresh product positioning and direct-to-consumer tactics for the first time. 

Will Covid’s long-term influence permanently transform us all into virtual beings? Businesses and investors investing billions into the Metaverse believe this is the case. Is it the fulfillment of “Ready Player One,” or is it just another Second Life for ruined companies in the horizon? 

It is unavoidable that an increasing number of millennials, and eventually Gen Z’ers, will disrupt the workforce at all levels, and we see that the majority of businesses are ill-equipped to attract and keep them. While more firms will go outside themselves to gain a better understanding of employee motivations, we will see an increase in organizations altering their organizations and business processes via an Adaptive Business lens. 

We anticipate significant change in 2022, especially in the workforce but for the purpose of this article, we would like to focus on the marketing trends.

1. Doing Digital Properly

As they consider long-term collaborations with brands, marketing agencies will move away from a transactional strategy and toward a more consultative position. While the communications industry has made digital-first a priority in recent years, the focus in 2022 will be on “doing digital right”—using digital technologies to support integrated communications projects when and where it makes sense.

2. Influencer Marketing’s Continued Rise

Despite the fact that social media users are intelligent and cannot be duped by marketing, they still have trust concerns when it comes to selecting the proper brand. Influencers have developed a long-term relationship with their audience. As a result, when their favorite influencer endorses a business or product, their audience understands it’s authentic. Moving future, businesses must take greater advantage of this.

E-Commerce with a Personal Touch

All businesses selling online will need to use experiential e-commerce. To meet user expectations, dynamic, engaging, and highly personalized paths will be required across the board, from stores and subscription sites to software as a service platforms. Brands are vying for consumer attention, and experiential e-commerce will emerge victorious this time.

These are some of the marketing trends you should expect this year, if you have more, please comment below.

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