Sherief Adekoya

Senior Managing Partner/Director of Strategy

Sheriff Adekoya is an enthusiastic goal-driven analytical integrated marketing & communication professional with strong logical, interpersonal and relationship management skills. With a core interest in strategic planning, built on an in-depth insight-driven consumer-focused approach, delivering cut-through thoughts that deliver on campaign objectives and beyond.
He is a seasoned strategist, detailed planner; with experience cut across Insight Communications, Commstrat Associates, MCC, Crosswalk and SBL. His hands-on expertise touches on FCMB, Accion MFB, Heineken, Star Lager, Gulder, Star Radler, Star Lite, Tiger, Quaker Oats, Castrol Petrochemicals, Adam & Eve, Skin Beauty, Action Bitters, Eagle Aromatic Schnapps, Prima Gardens, 225 Construct, Binary Clean Tech, Accelerex, Sainte Croix, and several other top brands; as well as some notable political campaigns.
Sheriff is a seasoned researcher with a keen eye for detail. His competence includes creative advertising skills, strategic brand building, data-driven marketing, concept leadership, and company growth. He has over a decade of experience creating innovative solutions that benefit every stakeholder. He loves knowledge sharing, ICT, innovation, tech-infused ideas, and his educational journey cuts across Yaba College of Tech, University of Ibadan, Lagos Business School, among others.
He is currently the Director of strategy, leading a team of young creative minds, growth hackers, focused on business transformation and sustainable leap and culture building,

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