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Traditional Marketing

Although the world is crazy about Digital marketing right now, Traditional Marketing still
plays an important role in reaching audiences, especially when developing a
comprehensive marketing strategy. No matter how much you spend on online
marketing, some audiences are easier to reach through Traditional marketing such as
Radio, Prints, Billboards etc. You don’t want to leave them out.
Making the best use of these channels requires a sophisticated strategy, well-thought-
out media mix and creativity. Depending on what you do, it might be necessary to use
both Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.
Over the years, Digital Square has been able to create successful, forward-thinking
traditional advertising and we would love to do same with your brand. Our team is
experienced in developing marketing campaigns in different traditional capabilities
which includes:
Television: When done well, TV ads can be persuasive and evoke emotional
connections with a wide audience. It is a communal experience. Our team will help you
identify the best channel, program and time slot to reach your audiences.
Radio: This remains one of the most efficient ways to reach local audiences or nearby
consumers. Our in-house experts are well versed in developing tailored Radio Jingles,
Radio testimonials, personified commercial etc.
Outdoor advertising: This is effective in building credibility and brand recognition. Our
team will research and negotiate the best media options and rates.
Print: This has been around for a long time and it is NOT dead. It is sill effective with
the right strategy.

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