We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria, made up of a group of passionate marketing specialists who are on hand to provide strategic support and direction where you need it most

Social Media Agency Near Me

Social Media agencies cannot be ignored anymore. This is because Social media platforms keeps evolving, making it one of the best platforms for brands to connect with their audiences and gain brand visibility.

Social Media is a very noisy place. Consumers are not there to see your adverts, in fact, they’d scroll past at the sight of it. They only want to see information that will entertain or educate them. So how can brands meetup when consumers yearn for quality, consistent and valuable content?

That’s where we come in. Our team of social media expert understands the need to use social `benefit our clients. This is done with strategic research and transparency at every stage of the content production journey.

At Digital Square LTD, we know the value of a strong social media presence. That’s why we  formed not just a digital marketing company, but a team that can take you off the stress of band visibility. 

Our in-house content creators consist of:

  1. Community managers: They post content and respond to your customers.
  2. Copywriters: They come up with captions and copy’s for all content – graphics, videos, website etc.
  3. Strategist: They come up with tailored social media strategies and campaigns that aligns with your overall marketing plan. 
  4. Creative designers: They create graphic designs.
  5. Video editors: They create video content as required. 
  6. Ad manager: They create and monitor adverts on social media.

So, would you rather hire and manage all these professionals and pay more or hire an agency who already have a business model to serve their clients while you pay less? Our in-house team will work with your team to achieve your sale & marketing goals. 

We create contents that resonates with your TA while using the best tools and techniques.  So the next time you search for a “Social Media Agency near me”, or a Digital Marketing Company, feel free to schedule a free consultation here.

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