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Social Media Management

5 Social Media Management Tips


Social media management seems easy but it’s not. A good social media strategy is not easy to achieve. It’s beyond posting photos and videos. It includes engaging your target audience consistently to find more reach.


So what is Social Media Management? The process of managing your online content and interaction on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn is referred to as Social Media Management.


In marketing, these channels cannot be ignored anymore. In fact, depending on your sector, it might bring a faster result than any other platform.


How do you get it right?


Below are 5 tips to help manage your social media effectively:


  1. The first thing to do is to create a social media strategy. It’s easy to post any content you see on social media but a defined strategy will help you figure out what to post, how and when.


A social media strategy must have the following:

Goals & objectives:

Why do you have a social media presence? What do you want to achieve? Sales, reach? Gain more followers or more?

Understand your target audience:

You need to identify your target audience. Figure out the channels they love most, and they type of content they like.


Research is important to the success of any marketing strategy. You can start with SWOT analysis. This will help identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Analyze your market and competitors:

Check out what your competition is doing and your sector entirely. This will help you make the right decision.

Establish your marketing methods:

This has to do with tactics. How are you going to promote your pages? Giveaways, sponsored post etc.


  1. Create Quality Content

For effective social media management, great content is everything. You need to create and post content that is good enough to be re-shared or retweeted and passed on to other people.

You also need to create content that will stay relevant in the industry. Not just for days but several months or years.


  1. Use scheduling tools

It is very likely that you might not have time to post content at the right time.

Luckily, there are several tools that can help with that you can explore – Buffer, Hootsuite, and Iconosquare are all tools I use.


  1. Be a real person

From research, individuals have the tendency to follow accounts of “real people” rather than business names. It will be easier for them to engage with your post if they feel like they are talking to human beings.


  1. Use social media analytics to track performance over time


This is explanatory. How do you know the number of people engaging with your posts and the type of content they prefer? Your decisions need to be based on the data you get. There are several tools you can use for social media management – Buffer is an example.

Knowing all the above-listed points is only half the battle. To achieve desired results you have to be consistent and deliberate. Many businesses don’t have enough time to dedicate to effective social media management. It takes a lot of time and we understand.


This is where a social media management company comes in. at digital Square Limited, we offer a range of marketing services from digital marketing to brand management to social media management. We can help your overall digital marketing efforts by providing expert social media services. We have the time to implement strategies specifically for your company to achieve the desired results.


Contact us today to take your social media management to the next level.


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