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7 Social Media Tools

7 Social Media Tools to try in 2020

Marketers are faced with a lot responsibilities – creating content, generating new leads, looking for the best strategy that works or even advertising. With all these responsibilities, It can be a challenge to stay on top of your game. This article will show you some of the best tools to help you succeed in your overall marketing plan.


The 7 Social Media Tools are:

  • Canva
  • Google trends
  • Buffer
  • Animoto
  • Todoist
  • Shutterstock
  • Buffer
  1. Canva

Website: www.canva.com

Pricing: Free & Paid (starting from $12.95/month)

Additional details:

Gone are the days when we need a professional graphic designer to help create content. Canva is an amazing social media tool. With Canva, everyone is a designer as the tool comes with different templates, icons and illustrations that can be used to create different content like a professional. The best part is that it is free. You can choose to upgrade if you want access to more content.


  1. Google Trends:

Website: https://trends.google.com/trends


Price: Free

Additional Details:


This is a tool created by Google to help search for topics trending online. Marketers use this to monitor things happening around the world so as to discover and share information. It can also be used to monitor keywords to see if they are trending or not. It can also be used to inform your social media strategy.

  1. Buffer

Website: www.buffer.com

Price: Free and paid version.


Additional Details:


Buffer is a compilation of branding tools designed for scheduling social media posts and analyze performance in one place. It allows you to set up a schedule for your social media accounts and publish at your preferred time.

  1. Animoto


Website: www.animoto.com

Price: from $5/month


Additional details:


This is another social media tool that can be used to create content. A lot of people struggle to create video content but Animoto takes away the stress.  This tool is easy to create marketing videos. Both photos and video clips can be turned into a professional content in few minutes.


  1. Todoist


Website: www.todoist.com

Price: Free and paid (from $3/month)


Additional details:


With many responsibilities on your table, it is easy to forget certain tasks.  Todoist is a good tool to help with that. It’s a project management tool. It can be used to create a calendar to ensure that the right thing is done at the right time.  Once you input the tasks ahead, it sends an email as a reminder until the task is complete.




Website: www.shutterstock.com


Additional details:


This is one of my favorite tools in design, video and photography space. Shutterstock has a huge professional photos and videos that can be used to create content. You don’t need to pay huge amount of money to models anymore. Simply go to shutterstock to fetch the images you need at a very affordable rate.


  1. Last on our list is Buffer.

Website: www.buffer.com


Additional details:

Buffer Reply makes social media engagement easy for marketing and support teams who need to respond to social conversations. It’s all in one inbox.

What’s great is that through Reply you can see social conversations across social networks:

  • On Twitter, you can see public tweets that @ mention your handle, direct messages, and any searches you have set up for keywords or hashtags.
  • On Facebook, you can see comments on your Facebook Page posts and ads, visitor posts, private messages, and reviews.
  • And for Instagram business profiles, you can see comments on your posts and ads as well.

It’s a single inbox where you can see all of these conversations happening.



There are more tools but this is just a few of them. Step up your social media game this new year to see great result.


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