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Top 3 Digital Marketing trends

There are different Digital Marketing Trends we have noticed in 2021. The pandemic has proven to us that we cannot do business as usual. As consumers spend more time at home, being able to reach consumers at home has become one of the most important objectives for marketers.

People now depend heavily on internet and technology to stay connected, informed and entertained. Here are different trends to look out for in 2021: 

Mobile App

As we look towards post Covid, the ease that comes with mobile shopping, video conferencing, grocery delivery, online learning, video streaming is not changing anytime soon. This makes it important for marketers prioritize their app strategy to capture more consumers since App download is an indication of brand affinity and loyalty.

Globally, consumers spend about 1.6 trillion hours on mobile in the first half of the year, and in the third quarter, app usage increased by 25%. Mobile has taken new shapes in our lives and this make mobile app an important factor in business growth.  


There is need for brands to automate (autofill, manage recuring others, chatbox) their services to be able to meet customer expectations. In addition, automation will allow you to optimize the experience you provide while you stay efficient.

However, it is important to treat customers’ data with respect. Be transparent with your customers and let them know you will be using their data to serve them better. 

Reaching the consumers at home

Since more people now stay at home than ever before, there is need to create strategies to reach them. Being successful in 2021 means reaching and engaging consumers where they spend time – TV. Digital Marketing is not enough.

According to google, overall watch time of online video has increased, with YouTube on TV growing by 80% year-on-year (YoY) in March 2020.2 This shift opens up opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in new ways.

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