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Why people don't like your adverts

As a business owner, you heard one of the best ways to get new customers is create adverts and promote on social media.

So you put your hard earned money together and hire a marketing agency or videographer to create adverts for your brand.

After one month of promotion, you realize people are not engaging with the advert so you can’t get sales from it. You start feeling like you’ve wasted money.

What did I do wrong?

Back in the day, consumers were like Dogs (loyal). They’d do exactly what you ask them to. If they see an advert that says, “this is the best car”, they would believe and buy the car.

Now, it’s the exact opposite. (Thanks to internet & social media)

Consumers are like Goats (disobedient humans lol). They don’t listen anymore. It’s so bad that once they see an advert pop up, they scroll past immediately.

They are not interested in what you have to say because they don’t care. They have better things do…

Better things like consuming content that:

  • Educates them.
  • Surprises them.
  • Entertains them.
  • Displays creativity.
  • Makes them laugh.

So unless your advert falls into any of the above category, you’ll keep getting low engagement.

To sum up, stop talking about yourself directly and how good your brand is. They won’t believe you anyways.

Instead, make it about them. Show them that you care. Create content  (or ads) that directly benefits them and indirectly benefit you.

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